On The Bookshelf

My parents love to tell the story of how I was screaming the moment I was born – and I haven’t stopped making noise since. By my first birthday I was speaking in full sentences, but by the time I was five and in kindergarten the real magic began… All of a sudden? I found something that could shut my mouth for hours upon hours on end – I found books.

My love for reading led to my need for writing, and I will be forever grateful to the authors who have shaped me through the years. From Dr. Seuss to Emily Dickinson, Nicholas Sparks to Hemingway, Jodi Picoult to Harper Lee – I have learned more than I ever imagined about the worlds around me, simply by visiting and fulfilling my need for others.

She reads books as one would breathe air – to fill up and live

When I was younger, instead of losing television privileges like most kids my age, my mama would always threaten to take away my books. I’m incredibly thankful that because of the love instilled in me at such a young age, not much has changed as I have grown. Because I’m still that girl with her nose buried in a book at every chance I get, people often ask me for recommendations of new books or my tried and true favorites.

What better way to share my thoughts, honest feelings, and maybe a favorite passage or two? (I promise – no spoilers!) Check back to get a glimpse onto my bookshelf, and maybe some inspiration for your next story to enjoy.

And if you see a blonde girl sitting in a coffee shop, sipping on green tea and engrossed in a book… Don’t be afraid to stop and chat – who knows, maybe it’s me! But, I’ll warn you. Readers can be the sensitive type, don’t take it too personally if she seems eager and content to get back to her book instead of chatting for all too long.

Happy reading!

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