hiya, and welcome to the dilly dally.

where i’m just stumbling through adulthood, dancing in the rain, laughing at my mistakes.
sharing my story through my gift of gab and love of language.

so, where did the name ‘the dilly dally’ come from anyway?

funny you should ask, grab a glass of sweet tea and settle in.

my two nicknames growing up from my family and friends were “dilly” and “dally”, respectively. well, actually, i say were… they still are. sorry if that puts a damper on anyone who thinks i’ve adopted the slow ways of the south, i’m still a yankee at heart.

i’ve toyed with a few different names for this blog, but they all just felt like they were… missing something.

i knew i needed something that was fun and and unique, but still personal to me and reflective of my personality. one day, out of the blue, it just kind of hit me – what could be more personal than a play on words with my nicknames?

and there you have it, folks. the dilly dally was born.

i wish it had a better story, but alas. here’s to hoping i can make up for it with my storytelling about everything else.

What else can’t you keep your mouth shut about?

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