don’t buy the house, buy the neighborhood

“Don’t buy the house, buy the neighborhood” certainly sounds an awful lot like the advice people shared with us when we were buying our house. And, honestly, location was a huge deciding factor for us. We figured we could always make (reasonable) changes to a home if we were to find one in our idealRead more

what i’m ‘giving up’ for lent – and why

Laissez les bon temps rouler! Happy Mardi Gras! What a wonderful day of celebration and revelry before Ash Wednesday. The end of rowdy excess before the quiet Lenten season of restriction begins. I’ve always found that part especially ironic. I can remember the exact moment the realization dawned on me about the contrast between FatRead more

10 Bible Verses Perfect for Valentines Day

love (n.): an intense feeling of deep affection, a person or thing that one loves Is that what comes to mind when you first hear the word love? I know it does for me. But, love is a funny thing – and in the spirit of Valentine’s Day (which is only 1 week away!) IRead more

why february is the perfect month to tend to your heart

Did you notice more people than normal wearing red today? No, you’re not imagining things. And it’s no coincidence – today is Wear Red Day 2018. What the heck is “Wear Red Day?” Alright alright alright, let me back up and give a bit of background. In case you have neglected to flip your calendar,Read more

this is Whole30

I can hear it ringing in my head – the wise words of Melissa Hartwig, co-creator of The Whole30, “It’s not hard. Don’t you dare tell us this is hard. Quitting heroin is hard. Beating cancer is hard. Drinking your coffee black is. not. hard.” Then there’s another voice… This time? My own. “Alright MELISSA,Read more

5 ways i’m committing to ‘healthy’ this month

Can you believe it’s almost the end of January?! A week from today is the last day of this month, and if you’re anything like me, it has flown by. I think part of the reason it has gone by in a flash for me, is that I’ve been keeping myself pretty busy over the lastRead more

meet the paw-rents: apollo & tyson

I talk a lot about that boy I live with, and I’ve mentioned the other (furry) two boys I live with more than a few times as well. I realized though, in a moment of dog-mom panic, that I’ve been neglecting to brag incessantly about how much I love them formally introduce them to all ofRead more

grace upon grace: the bible in a year

I grew up in the church, so I have the (semi) unique perspective of having known God for most of my life. I played an angel in the Christmas program in the Baptist church I was born into, and later a Wise Man in the Methodist church I was confirmed in. I spent Sunday morningsRead more

top 5 must-haves for a ‘new year better me’

While some people subscribe to the mantra of “new year, new me!” – I honestly find it to be complete bullshit a little worn out. Instead, I like to focus on “new year, better me” instead. Just a little tweak, but much more realistic and positive-minded. And honestly? I don’t want to be a new person in 2018Read more