don’t buy the house, buy the neighborhood

“Don’t buy the house, buy the neighborhood” certainly sounds an awful lot like the advice people shared with us when we were buying our house. And, honestly, location was a huge deciding factor for us. We figured we could always make (reasonable) changes to a home if we were to find one in our idealRead more

Rockin’ around the (misfit) Christmas tree

We got a few inches of snow this weekend here in South Carolina, which led to being snowed in for the weekend! AKA: more time for projects we’re been putting off around our new house – like patching drywall, painting, and (re) hanging a toilet paper roll that the previous owners hung crooked. So unfortunately,Read more

‘Stir Crazy’ for Buffalo Chicken Dip

The holiday season is officially upon us, which means holiday parties and “what can I bring?” I feel like in many families and social circles we have that one person who is just expected to bring their signature dish – whether it’s Grandma’s stuffing or your bestie’s sangria. I’d be lying if I said I’m not thatRead more

saying goodbye to the little brick house

I’ve shared recently about our big move to a new house (together!) and the things no one tells you about moving in together – and how excited I am to be getting settled into our new home. We ended up being pretty lucky that the house LJ lived in (and where all my stuff wentRead more

what no one tells you about moving in together

Instead of cleaning out our house, we just decided to move to a new one.

Kidding. (Kind of.)