5 tips to give your skin the best Christmas yet

Long gone are the days of being naturally tan and glowy from the summer sun, and upon us are the days of cold air, chapped lips, and dry dry dry skin. … Unless you live somewhere tropical. (Or even just Southern honestly, considering it was sunny and 70 here in South Carolina yesterday.)

But if I learned anything from my 18 years living in the Snow Belt, and holiday trips in the years since, it’s how tough the winter weather can be – not only on our mood and wallet – but on our skin, too.

For someone who has combination skin, when winter hits? I’ve got dry skin, and I’ve got it bad.

You too? Take a seat, and check out these tips for keeping your skin soft and glowing in the dead of winter – even after the Christmas tree has been taken back outside, your morning Americano isn’t doing the trick to keep your hands warm anymore, and your nose would give Rudolph a run for his money.

1. It’s all about that bas-ic rule: start with your body

Too often when we think about skincare, we only think about our faces. But the reality is that there’s so much more than just our money makers – the average adult has about 8lbs or 22 sq ft of skin! Three main things to remember here: exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate. This goes for your face too, but is just as important for the rest of your skin in order for your moisturizer to really penetrate and work its magic. I exfoliate in the shower, and then lather up with this great smelling lotion for soft skin through the day.

2. It’s getting hot in here, and it’s time to turn DOWN the water heat

I’m as guilty as the next of taking (literally) scalding hot showers, and I’m even worse about it after crawling out of bed on a cold winter morning. Unfortunately, using water that hot to wash your face and hands can strip away many essential oils, leaving your skin extra dry. If you absolutely need a hot shower (I know I do), try compromising and using lukewarm water when washing your face and hands.

3. You may not need sunglasses, but don’t forget your sunscreen

This is something that I really had never given much thought to, until I recently got serious about taking care of my skin. “Do you wear sunscreen?” Well, sure, I always put on sunscreen on in the summer when I’m out in the sun…. Wrong. It’s best to wear a chemical sunscreen (the physical ones give you that notorious white overlay) every single day. The sun may not feel as warm, but that doesn’t mean it goes away! Double check your BB/CC creams and foundations, chances are they may already include SPF. Win!

4. Hydrate + Humidify

No matter how well we do throughout the year, the holidays are notorious for lack of water consumption. I mean, who can resist a hot cocoa or mulled wine instead? But, it’s so important to maintain water consumption in order to hydrate from the inside out. If you absolutely love a warm drink, try some warm water with lemon in order to get your daily dose – or add a glass in between each warm drink.

Additionally, heating systems tend to dry out the air, which in turn dries out our skin. If you struggle with very dry skin, consider a small humidifier like this little guy. (Firm believer that Vicks is the holy grail).

5. Lips and hands are movin’ – so don’t forget about them either 

I love a bold red lip at the holidays, but it’s hard to fully rock it with chapped, flaky lips. We’ve all used that chapstick that felt more like a sticky layer of wax, but is gone in 5 minutes. Don’t let your lips go this winter, and make sure to find a moisturizing lip balm to keep those lips mistletoe-ready. (Bonus points if it includes an SPF!) Some of my go-to’s include Blistex, Carmex, and Vaseline Lip Therapy.

As for your hands, gloves can make a huge difference in keeping the cold air from wreaking havoc on your skin. Remember again to wash with lukewarm water, lather on some moisturizing lotion, and keep those hands soft – it is engagement season, after all.


There you have it, y’all – my favorite ways to keep my skin ready even through the cold winter months. What are your favorite skin care tips and tricks to combat dry skin? Leave them in a comment below!


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