spread the love on Small Business Saturday

As you finish recovering from your Thanksgiving dinner food coma (or hangover), and sleep off that crazy Black Friday madness – it’s time for some more shopping! Founded in 2010 by American Express, the Saturday after Thanksgiving has become widely known as ‘Small Business Saturday,’ and a perfect chance to support small business owners and entrepreneurs both near and far.

In America, small business is a big deal.  // Bob Beauprez

Coming from a small business family myself, I’ve learned first hand about the hard work, dedication, and often long hours it takes to be successful. While my dad’s business isn’t the best candidate for buying from this Saturday (they are a plastic fabrication company that provides injection mold tooling and custom injection molding) – chances are you’ve probably bought something they had a hand in designing.

However, I reached out to my social network because I know that so many of my friends and family are unbelievably talented – and own small businesses! The response was overwhelmingly positive, and I’m so excited to share some of their products and services with you!

In an effort to make this guide a little more user-friendly, I’ve broken the list down by both category and location. Many of the products are available online – but some of the services are on a local scale. Since I didn’t want to leave those great businesses off the list, I’ve noted where they are locally located.

First up are products available to be shipped domestically, and found online:

Hippy At Heart – Clothing and Accessories

A Pittsburgh-based, independent clothing company, Hippy At Heart was founded by a friend of mine, Brandon Moon, back in 2013 – and focused on modernizing the “hippy” lifestyle. HAH boasts seasonal releases, and currently has a great selection of apparel, and hats. I can personally speak to product quality – my “Sasshole” sweater is still one of my favorites!



Hello Beautiful Boutique – Wellness & Accessories

Located near my hometown in Cambridge Springs, PA, Hello Beautiful sells products that are good for you, your mind, body, soul, and the planet. With 80% of their products created by local artisans, this is a great place to find a gift for the “greener” people in your life. If you’re in the area, they also host a variety of classes including yoga and reiki.




Whimsically Chic Boutique – Home Decor 

Hand-painted signs are a hot trend in home decor this year, and Whimsically Chic has a wide selection of pre-designed and custom options to add the finishing touch to your home. These would also make a great gift for someone on your list – as well as getting a head start on wedding season with her wedding/engagement styles.




Tru Fit Fabrication – Custom Metal Signs/Artwork

Looking for something different than a wooden sign? Look no further – Tru Fit is just the answer. Fabricating everything from metal monogram signs to fire rings, their artwork has such a timeless essence. I’m thinking I may have to get my hands on one of the South Carolina “Home” signs to hang in our new house myself!




By Anna Grace – Canvasses, watercolor, lettering

It’s on my goal list to learn calligraphy, but until then, people like Anna Grace are a lifesaver. Her shop sells quote prints, watercolor prints, mugs, signs, notebooks, and even customizable prints! I’ve gotten to know Anna through social media (yay internet friends!), and it’s a pleasure to be able to promote such an inspiring, Godly woman.




Hoops and Needles – Hand embroidered, everyday art (with a stitch of sass)

Talk about unique! Founder, Hayden, is a 1st year pharmacy student with more embroidery talent in her hands than I do in my whole body. She makes pre-made designs with fun quotes and holiday themes, as well as customized hoops ideal for weddings and other special occasions. Her Etsy shop will re-open on Saturday, but in the meantime check out her instagram here!

The Print Dudes  – Screen-printing, Embroidery, Graphic Design

A Louisville, KY based full-service decorator, The Print Dudes specialize in large scale screen printing and embroidery, and handle everything from small businesses to schools/universities. Check out some of their previous projects on their website – and I just confirmed, they can work with businesses no matter the location!


Now for things a little more on the local side of things:


Cecilia’s Donut Studio , Gainsville, FL– Do I really need to say more?

All I’m going to say here is go look at the instagram and honestly try to convince me you didn’t wipe drool off your chin. It’s okay, I did too. Cecilia started her shop when she was just 17 years old, and still manages to satisfy your sweet tooth while a Gatorette at UF. (THAT is what I call a #girlboss.) I’m gonna need a box in SC… like ASAP.




Carolina Birth and Wellness,  Raleigh, NC – Full-service birth and postpartum doula agency

I’ll be the first to admit that I know very little when it comes to the birthing world, but I’ve loved following along my friend (and sorority sister!), Morgan Forrester’s journey to becoming a doula. If you’re in the Triangle area, and expecting a little bundle of joy of your own, I’d recommend Morgan in a heartbeat!





Razzberry Vintage Rentals,  Cochranton, PA – Event design rentals

Friends back home in PA – you’ve got to check this out. My friend Morgan’s mom has recently launched an event decoration rental business. She specializes in rustic and vintage themes, and is able to accommodate regardless of your venue. Talk about a weight off your shoulders to be able to tell someone your ideas, and allow them to bring it to life. Major sigh of relief!




I also have some friends who are independent consultants for larger companies, so if you’re looking for something along those lines – check out their pages! 

We’ve got Beauty Counter, Perfectly Posh,  Younique, Tupperware, Gingerscraps, and Mary Kay!


If you have a small business of your own – feel free to drop your link in the comments!

They say am all business is the backbone of America, and I truly believe that. This holiday season, try to shop small. By no means do I think you should boycott Target and other corporations (I know I certainly couldn’t), but there are so many options and ways to support small businesses. Ask around, and see who YOU know with a small business – you may just be surprised.